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I think of Jim Robertson as an insurance counselor. He is wonderfully attentive, superbly informed, plain-spoken in his explanations and, at all times, more focused on informing than on selling a product. I've recommended him repeatedly to clients and never had a word of feedback that didn't reinforce my own high, personal and professional opinion of the man.

John P. Engel, Partner
Engel & Davis, LLP
Trusts and Estates Attorney
New York, NY





Jim helped me navigate the life insurance market --- including showing me I didn't need as much coverage

as I thought.

— John Leland

New YorkTimes reporter and author of Happiness is a Choice You Make


When looking to purchase long term care insurance, Jim Robertson presented us with a thorough analysis of all the options available. He demonstrated a clear knowledge of the industry so it was easy to trust his recommendations.

I recently had an accident that looked to qualify for putting in my first claim. Jim was immediately available and acted swiftly to get the process started for me. The insurance company dealt with every step of the claim process professionally. Once they had all the necessary verifying information, they honored my claim and promptly made payment. I could not have been more pleased with the process and the outcome. That is clearly a result of the fine advice that Jim provided me.

Wendy L., Client


In addition to LTC insurance, I absolutely recommend Jim's services to anyone who might be interested in life insurance. He was consistently attentive and as timely as is possible with insurance companies during my policy transfers. He kept in touch with us and sent follow-up information to let us know how the case was proceeding. The past few months have been marked by a crisis of confidence in insurance and financial companies, and Jim has continued to keep us informed, which has been reassuring.

Anne K., Client


Jim's expertise makes the difficult selection process of obtaining LTC a snap. Not only have I purchased LTC for my wife and myself, but I feel it is an essential part of nearly everyone's total retirement plan.

Peter Signori
Investment Adviser Representative


For all inquiries, contact Mary:

200 West 16th Street, 8th Floor

New York, NY 10011-6145



Life insurance is essential to your family’s protection and peace of mind.  It is also a tremendous financial planning tool.  It offers tax-advantaged benefits for pennies on the dollar. We compare policies from the highest rated companies to help you understand your options.  



Annuities provide guaranteed income.  They can assure that you don’t outlive your money, a growing concern as more of us are living to 90 and beyond.  Use annuities as a hedge against inflation, structuring your income to go up every year to counter rising costs.



Long-Term Care Insurance protects your retirement income and assets. Without it you are exposed to potentially devastating care costs. Most people need benefits that increase over time to be sure they can handle the rising costs of care.

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