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Guaranteed Retirement Income

"Like insurance to stave off disaster, an annuity is something you purchase to guarantee that you won't run out of money."

— Ron Lieber in the New York Times 

To make your retirement assets last for the long run, consider buying an income annuity with part of your money. You can give yourself inflation protection with this kind of annuity, and schedule your income to grow every year.

In retirement, spending often exceeds portfolio income. And as the years go by, income needs tend to grow along with inflation. You may have to spend some principal to get by. By your 80s, you could have significantly less money. The income annuity is a safety net that protects you. First, it gives you guaranteed income. And second, it protects your principal, since the annuity income reduces the amount you need to get from your remaining portfolio.

Result: you have guaranteed income, which helps to protect your portfolio, making an annuity a very valuable tool to protect your future.

A Roundup on Annuities from The New York Times

Ron Lieber defines the various types of annuities and provides you with

follow up questions. 

Retirement Income Annuities: 
A Do-It-Yourself Pension

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine has described immediate-income annuities as "a do-it-yourself pension for a do-it-yourself world.”  Learn more about how immediate-income annuities guarantee income for life.

Wise Women Get Informed about Annuities

The Women’s Institute for A Secure Retirement (WISER) has a very good special report about annuities. We recommend it. Read it to learn how to use them to be sure you will never run out of money.


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